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TNF equipment sleeping bags

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Aleutian 40/4 monrchorg/zncgr
Product code: NF0A2SC1SQ6/R
W aleutian 20/-7 cstlfjdbl/zncgy
Product code: NF0A2SC3SCT/R
Y aleutian 20/-7 csmcbl/mdnghtbl
Product code: NF0A2SC4SWY/R

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Green kazoo hgrsgy/addergrn
Product code: NF0A3BYJ3UH/R
Gold kazoo hgrsgy/radntylw
Product code: NF0A3G653UG/R
W blue kazoo hgrsgy/stellrbl
Product code: NF0A3G674WU/R
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